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Posted by shizeet - July 15th, 2009


Posted by shizeet - March 12th, 2009

Another Post

Posted by shizeet - January 18th, 2009

I had a good reason for posting something here, but I forgot...

Well, let's fill this up with something else I've discovered recently: Surrealism in music.

Wikipedia defines it as such:

"Surrealist music is music which uses unexpected juxtapositions and other surrealist techniques. Anne LeBaron[citation needed] cites automatism, including improvisation, and collage as the primary techniques of musical surrealism. Discussing Theodor Adorno, Max Paddison (1993, p. 90) defines surrealist music as that which "juxtaposes its historically devalued fragments in a montage-like manner which enables them to yield up new meanings within a new aesthetic unity," though Lloyd Whitesell calls this a gloss.[citation needed] "Insofar as surrealist composing makes use of devalued means, it uses these as devalued means, and wins its form from the 'scandal' produced when the dead suddenly spring up among the living." (Whitesell 2004, p.107 and 118n18).[citation needed]"

Having read that, it feels like such a description is pretty fitting with a good deal of my music (namely, the non-"commercial" project oriented ones). "Unexpected juxtapositions" is certainly one of my hallmark techniques into the realm of the strange, which certainly for me includes elements of improvisation (though this is less heard in my sequenced music), automatism (much of my stuff is definitely process oriented), and collage (which I use time to time, though with not as much skill admittedly).

So, what then? Nothing really, just something to think about a little, but mostly just to stroke my own ego so to speak :P. Then again, self-labeling is more often than not somewhat done in bad taste... so, what do you guys think then?

P.S. I've created an alternate account to post my older stuff in, so as to not clutter this account too much. Also, I'll probably be moving some of the vg-related works to that account as well, since some of them are from the same set. So sorry ahead of time for any reviews I might delete (not that there are many anyhow, hurr hurr).

Ze pomp de

Posted by shizeet - December 18th, 2008

Now, this is how it's going to go...

Posted by shizeet - March 11th, 2008

This voting/review system is starting to skew my view of music as a numbers game :(. I never thought I'd end up being such a whore for votes (and reviews), clickin' da refresh every 5 mins after I upload - well, not that it matters in the end, since I usually get 0-bombed at some point (often on the very first vote ohoho). Almost feels like you need a bloc vote to get a consistant start. It also makes me realize that I usually need to inflate my voting to help counteract this system - which just disgusts me.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I was planning to stick around a bit longer, but it's just too much effort to get some honest opinions from folks around here - or any opinion at all, lest maybe you whore yourself out like a five-doller hooker. Once I work up another backlog, I might come back and update some more. Until then, suckas!

So yeaeh...

Posted by shizeet - March 6th, 2008

So maybe I'll add stuff regularly, but honestly who'd read/listen to this foo's stuff? Barring the kooks of course.