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So yeaeh...

2008-03-11 17:33:50 by shizeet

This voting/review system is starting to skew my view of music as a numbers game :(. I never thought I'd end up being such a whore for votes (and reviews), clickin' da refresh every 5 mins after I upload - well, not that it matters in the end, since I usually get 0-bombed at some point (often on the very first vote ohoho). Almost feels like you need a bloc vote to get a consistant start. It also makes me realize that I usually need to inflate my voting to help counteract this system - which just disgusts me.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I was planning to stick around a bit longer, but it's just too much effort to get some honest opinions from folks around here - or any opinion at all, lest maybe you whore yourself out like a five-doller hooker. Once I work up another backlog, I might come back and update some more. Until then, suckas!

So yeaeh...


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2008-03-23 07:27:55

:( ill miss you man thanks for all the help


2016-12-13 17:57:20

At least the zero bombing thing's no longer a thing with the new system. Awaiting your return!