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Not much to say about your so-called "completely original approach of humor kind of." I guess you either get it, or you don't. Well, I liked music though.

Interesting but...

It seems to me that the story seems to be more telling of the story of a performer/artist than what people usually consider to be a "composer" (unless "the Composer" is sort of his stage name or whatever). I wished you'd touch more upon the subject of the composer's struggle for acceptance (there was that bit at the end, but it sort of felt like a throwaway thing) - caught between the need to innovate and the need to please, and consequently possibly with the struggle with himself about his self-worth as a composer. Also, he doesn't seem to face any struggles along the way of his career (not until the end anyways) which seems quite uncharacteristic.

The direction was pretty good in general - I liked how you used that musical theme to advance the story, and consequently the Composer's development. The voice acting actually felt kind of out of place in an otherwise pantomimed story - it didn't help that it was kind of overdramaticized too.

Speaking of which, I didn't really like the overy emo-tearness of the characters. It seems too contrived of an act in trying to make a tearjerker out of this. But the consequence of that is that the characters kind of feel less real and overly simplified - I think using a slightly pained expression would speak volumes more than openly shedding tears.

Maybe I'm biased against this as an aspiring composer of sorts, but it didn't quite fulfill my expectations. However, it is still a well-done piece of work and at least partly deserving of the accolades it has received so far.

Amazing art diredtion

I really liked how visually engrossing this piece was - from the duality in landscapes to the tastefully done siluoettes, everything comes together very wel. The story was on the bleak side, but not completely unreadable - it's always tricky to do something like this, where you don't want to completely confuse the audience nor be blatantly beating a dead horse, so to speak. But overall, fantastic piece of work. Keep it up!

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Feels kind of a like a new spin on asteroids, but with attitude. Good stuff.

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Sounds like pretty solid film score opener, if that was what you were going for. I personally would've liked to hear more woodwinds throughout, only because most music like this is predominantly strings with some brass.

JulezJLB responds:

Definitely going for a film score type feel.

Kept the woodwinds to the softer sections to soften the strings a bit. I really focused on the brass in this one, some woodwinds may be a good thing to add.


Pretty neat song, I really enjoy the little ostinato in the back, and just the pentatonic sounds in general. I didn't like the bass sound though, too obnoxious and piercing compared to the rest - same with drums, though not as bad.

Pretty fly

Fun to hear one of these synth orchestral pieces nowadays, where everyone's trying to use super realistic samples and stuff. Getting different vibes from this one, ranging from Zelda to Starfox. Fun Stuff.

Solkrieg responds:

My main problem is a good trumpet synth. :(


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